Thursday, 31 March 2011

Can I pay for ITIL in installments?

I like a lot of what ITIL tries to do. It provides recommendations on how to manage IT systems so that we're all working efficiently and not in a constant hell of fire-fighting. This is good. But does it have to be so expensive? I'm not referring to the financial cost training materials and exams, but the time cost of transforming a team to the ITIL way.

Most accounts I've read about implementing ITIL were on large companies (1000+ employees) with implementation teams and it took them 12-18 months to get people and technology in place. But what if you're in an SME, or you've only got ten people in your entire team?

Better incident and change management could have certainly improved life in some of the companies I've worked at. I'm keen on improving processes but I have a limited time to do so. The trouble with ITIL is that the initial time investment can beso high for the small team, it's prohibitive.

Wouldn't it be good if we could somehow decrease the 'deposit' and still get value out of what we've paid for?

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